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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Inspiration of a Home project.

I haven't yet posted the pantry project and I do plan to but thought I would give you a look at what sparked these changes that are taking place. It started with the laundry room we had which didn't leave much room outside of the washer and dryer and a few baskets, I had to sort the laundry in the hall outside the laundry room and although I know many have had to do the same but this house is to be our last and I do want some of the things from my wish list to be in this house and so it began with the laundry room.

This room was a walk in closet off the master but where you see the washer and dryer begin was just a wall, hubby punched  out to take advantage of wasted space over the stairs and to clear head room for the stairs he craved out a little nook to the left where we will store seasonal decorations.
 the above picture is of the west wall and above the washer and dryer will have open cabinets for laundry supplies.

 south wall

 south wall nook to store seasonal decorations

 south wall that will have two wall units to store household supplies.

 south east wall that will have hanging tools.

 north wall that will have hanging ironing boards.

north wall next to dryer will have pull out drying rack. 

 This was a closet and we thought it would stay a closet with a washer and dryer but as the project took on life we felt it would be better served as a place to keep some household supplies as well as a roomy laundry room.
 Hubby's handy work with trim work.
 More of hubby's handy work.
Next post some of the changes we've made to the new laundry room.


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